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Vertex Beauty is dedicated to supporting sustainable project to build the communities where operate and to support the livelihoods of people who are less fortunate:

  • Transforming the lives of others through support programs (Battered Women’s Shelters)
  • Strengthening support systems for foster children (PCHAS Organization)
  • Sustaining assistance for underprivileged kids (Meals For Kids & Families)
  • Supporting initiatives & residential programs for single mothers & families (Homes For Mothers – PCHAS)


Strengthening the support systems for the persons that need it the most by working together with the organizations to build a network of powerful initiatives with the intention of meaningful change.

Supporting the Houston Area Women’s Center – A leading multicultural, multilingual organization working to end domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking for the City of Houston.

Advocating and counseling a wide range of issues, including:

Interpersonal and Family Violence

Sexual Assault

Child Abuse

Victim Violence Trauma


At Vertex Beauty we implement significant quality controls to ensure consistency across all levels of our production process. We also control all the distribution of our products and we are the ONLY online sellers of our Product. We GUARANTEE Authenticity & Quality!!

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